Monday to Friday Room Letting

This is a very good option for someone who is new to room letting, as it carries less legal responsibility and the landlord typically retains much more of their own space. However, you will need to do a gas safety check every year - see Health and Safety

The website and the concept was started in 2004 by Judy Niner when she worked in London but lived in Oxfordshire.

Several industries, such as IT, employ people on short term but well paid contracts, necessitating long term stays away from home and with the jobs in some areas still being scarce, people living in such areas are more prepared to accept work away from home.

For the landlord, part time room letting has several advantages:

  • You get your room back on weekends and holidays, although you might reasonably allow the lodger to keep some non valuable possessions in your home over the weekend - after they have stayed with you for a while and you've come to trust each other.

  • The lodger is normally only going to be there a for maximum of 5 nights and early mornings each week

  • This type of lodger is typically looking for a place to stay near to work during the week, not a home, thus avoiding a lot of the clashes that can happen in a full time live in let situation, such as lodger's overnight guests (although the lodger may well want to have a partner or spouse to stay on very rare occasions, or if single, might have a girlfriend or boyfriend at work they want to bring back on occasion)

  • As the lodger is likely to be in full time employment, the rent should never become an issue - it may even be reimbursed as accommodation expenses by the lodger's employer

  • The lodger might be paid a meal allowance, which may mean they eat out a lot, further reducing the amount of time they spend in your home and using your kitchen

  • Midweek room lets often attract more mature professionals, especially if you have a well presented and comfortable home in a major city.

  • A midweek lodger is looking for somewhere to sleep and relax, not a home, and is therefore less likely to cause any disruption - however, do not simply assume this or take the lodger's word alone - you must still out the same checks as you would for a full time lodger, except for right to rent.

  • While you will attract less rent than with a full time let (you would normally expect to get around 60%), this means you are more likely to fall within the Rent A Room tax scheme.

  • Provided the lodger really does just use your home as somewhere to stay near work during the week, doesn't officially move in and still uses their own home as their main address, you have the added bonus of not having to worry about complying with the Immigration Act 2014 (the right to rent), even if the lodger is a non EU foreign national who hasn't proved a right to rent in England.

  • Another great advantage - as it's not the lodger's main home, they are not liable to pay council tax at your address. Therefore, if you get a single occupier's council tax discount, you can still continue to claim this provided the lodger doesn't move in full time. Your lodger will have to be prepared to produce statements of his/her council tax payments at his/her main home, together with other proof of address, and the Lodger Agreement, to show Council Tax at your local authority.

  • So less admin and paperwork to worry about overall and a really good way to try out being a landlord without a lot of the responsibility!