This site for anyone, from the UK in particular, who is thinking about letting a room (or rooms see - Does Your Home Need Licensing as an HMO?) in their home, but is unsure or just wants to check the facts first.

This is especially significant at the moment if you rent your UK home from a social landlord and claim Housing Benefit, as the introduction of the "bedroom tax" for spare bedrooms might have made you think about getting a lodger.

If you're on universal credt, and a council or housing association tenant, you can now keep your rental income and all of your benefit - although if your total income for the year is more than the personal tax allowance you will pay income tax (see the rent a room scheme tax ready reckoner on this site). If you claim benefit but you're not yet on universal credit, you can still benefit from taking a lodger - see here.

Whether you're looking to let to a lodger in the near future, or you're an "ordinary" landlord looking to let or re-let a house or flat to a tenant, you may be concerned about staying within the law because of Right to Rent checks - don't worry; this site contains a comprehensive wizard, which will guide you step by step, even through the less frequent but more difficult situations you might encounter, especially if you're letting under an AST.

Lodgersite also provides guidance to those who already have a lodger, but might just want tips or advice on how to manage day to day issues or more serious problems.

It also includes a unique Rent a Room Scheme Ready Reckoner to help you easily assess whether you can take advantage of the UK Rent a Room tax exemption.

Where this site really differs from other resident landlord advice sites is in its approach to offering realistic and no nonsense advice about managing the lodger/landlord relationship - and looks at live in letting from the lodger's perspective AND the landlord's. It includes a fun quiz to help you decide whether being a live in landlord is for you in the first place - as such this applies whichever country you live in.

About the content and web author:

I am an accredited landlord, based in London - I rent flats in the Greater London area to young professionals, in addition to working part of the time as landlord advisor for the National Landlords Association.

I have also been a live in landlord as well as being a lodger myself.

I founded, researched, authored, designed and developed lodgersite (among other website contributions) following a 10 year career in IT, and continually update the site.

I worked for most of my career for Land Registry where I gained a background in English Property Law attaining a certificate in Land Registration Law and Practice from the College of Law and the Land Registry.

I then worked for a short while as a floor manager for Job Centre Plus, where I gained a knowledge of the UK benefit system and overcame many challenges presented by diverse claimants - many with serious issues - on a daily basis!

My full profile is on linkedin.